iOS 5.0 or above (requires a jailbroken iOS device)

iOS Version Info: Stable | Testing

Step 1: Add Karen's Pineapple Repo

  • Open Cydia, and go to the Manage tab
  • Tap on "Sources"
  • Then tap on Edit, then Add.
  • Enter in this URL:
  • You're done!

Step 2: Install PPSSPP

  • Tap on Search, and type in "PPSSPP"
  • You should see 2 different packages show up.
  • PPSSPP (Stable) is the build that is guaranteed to work, and not act funny. It is updated at a slower pace.
  • PPSSPP (Testing) is a bleeding-edge build that just builds whatever is on the Git repo at the moment. While this build is generally usable, sometimes hilarious UI bugs may occur. It is updated at the most frequent pace.

Or... visit this page on your iOS device, and tap on the buttons below! (You must have Karen's Pineapple Repo added!)

 Open PPSSPP (Stable) in Cydia 

 Open PPSSPP (Testing) in Cydia 

Android 2.3 or above (API Level 9) (requires Unknown Sources to be enabled)

Android Version Info: Stable | Testing

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources for your Android device

  • Open Settings, tap on Security.
  • Scroll down, and enable Unknown Sources
  • Accept the disclaimer
  • Proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Download PPSSPP

You may either download these on your Android device (recommended), or on a computer (advanced)

 Download PPSSPP (Stable) (apk) 

 Download PPSSPP (Testing) (apk) 

Step 3a: Install PPSSPP (from device, recommended)

  • Pull down your Notification Drawer and tap on the finished download.
  • Alternatively, you may also find the downloaded file in the Downloads app.
  • Grant PPSSPP its permissions, and let it install.
  • You're done!

Step 3b: Install PPSSPP (from computer, advanced)

  • Download the Android Developer Tools (ADT) from
  • Extract it to your location of choice.
  • Add [AndroidADT]/sdk/platform-tools/ to PATH.
  • Open a terminal/command prompt.
  • adb install -r karenbuildbot-net.angelxwind.ppsspp-android-fat.apk
  • OR
  • adb install -r karenbuildbot-net.angelxwind.ppsspp-testing-android-fat.apk
  • You're done!

Mac OS X 10.6 or above (requires SDL, install using Homebrew)

OS X Version Info: Stable | Testing

Step 1: Install SDL via Homebrew

  • Download Xcode from the Mac App Store
  • Open Xcode, and hit Command(⌘)-, to bring up the Xcode preferences.
  • Click on the Downloads tab, and download the Command Line Tools.
  • Open a Terminal instance
  • Paste this in: ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
  • Hit enter, and wait for it to complete (answer yes when it asks you to)
  • Paste this in: brew doctor and hit enter.
  • Verify that it shows no errors, then paste this in: brew install sdl and hit enter.
  • You're done!

Step 2: Download PPSSPP, and enjoy!

 Download PPSSPP (Stable) (zip) 

 Download PPSSPP (Stable) (tar.gz) 

 Download PPSSPP (Testing) (zip) 

 Download PPSSPP (Testing) (tar.gz) 

Linux (requires SDL, install using your distro's package manager)

Linux Version Info: Stable, i386 | Stable, amd64 | Testing, i386 | Testing, amd64

KarenBuildBot 2 soon be able to generate Debian DEB packages, available from a separate APT repo! Follow @angelXwind on Twitter for updates!

Step 1: Install SDL via your distro's package manager

  • Open a Terminal instance
  • For Debian/Ubuntu and their derivatives: Paste this in: apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev
  • For Fedora/RHEL and their derivatives: Install the SDL-devel package.
  • For BSD-based distros: Install the sdl12 package.
  • If your distro is not listed here: Try to find SDL in whatever package manager your distro uses. If you cannot, then compile it from source.
  • You're done!

Step 2: Download PPSSPP, and enjoy!

 Download PPSSPP (Stable) (zip, i386) 

 Download PPSSPP (Stable) (tar.gz, i386) 

 Download PPSSPP (Stable) (zip, amd64) 

 Download PPSSPP (Stable) (tar.gz, amd64) 

 Download PPSSPP (Testing) (zip, i386) 

 Download PPSSPP (Testing) (tar.gz, i386) 

 Download PPSSPP (Testing) (zip, amd64) 

 Download PPSSPP (Testing) (tar.gz, amd64) 


 Download the latest Windows builds from Orphis's buildbot! 

For advanced users only!

If you don't know what these are or what to do with them, don't touch them.

 KarenBuildBot 2 Overview 

 Download latest iOS testing build (tar.gz) 

 Download latest iOS testing build (zip) 

 Download latest iOS testing build (deb) 

 Download latest iOS stable build (tar.gz) 

 Download latest iOS stable build (zip) 

 Download latest iOS stable build (deb)